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Sending big files via internet

Sending a large file across Internet is a problem that I have faced. I went to a site called it looks nice. There are some resents for that. First one "it's free". Second is there are no limit on file size even for the free accounts.
Let me say how it works. First you have to visit the site and sign-up free account and then you can upload any file (I have tested only few types). Then you receive a link to download the file. So you can share the link with anybody. The problem is they delete your files after 3 days from their servers.(only for free accounts)

In March of this year someone sent me a large file using YouSendIt. While the service was free, it required me, as the recipient, to register with an email address before I could download the file. I get a lot of SPAM, so I hate to give out my email address. SendThisFile does not require the recipient to have an account.

I've used and been frustrated by their 10 megabyte limit on individual files. YouSendIt is more generous allowing files up to 100MB for free. But you can't beat SendThisFile which has no limit on file sizes, even for the free accounts.

If there is anything that gives me pause about SendThisFile, it is their amateurish website. The site navigation is inconsistent and poorly structured, some pages don't display properly in Firefox and some information seems contradictory, incomplete and unclear.

I have not used SendThisFile other than to test it and fight through the poor documentation. If you've had any good or bad experiences with them, please leave a comment below.

Many companies offer file transfer services. If you know of another that doesn't require installing software, where the recipient does not need an account and where the free service has no limit on file size, then I'd like to know about it.


  1. hey try

    U can send 100 mb



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