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Core 2 Duo vs. Dual Core

'Dual-core' is just a generic term for any cpu that has 2 processors on the 1 chip.
'Quad core' would be the generic term for a cpu with 4 processors on the 1 chip.

Dual core is simply a generic term referring to any processor package with two physical CPUs in one. The Pentium D, Core Duo, Core 2 Duo and Athlon X2 are all current CPUs that have dual cores in one package.

The Pentium D is simply two Pentium 4 Prescott cpus inefficiently paired together and ran as dual core.

The Core Duo is Intel's first generation dual coreprocessor based upon the Pentium M (a Pentium III-4 hybrid) made mostly for laptops (though a few motherboard manufacturers have releaseddesktop boards supporting the Core Duo CPU), and is much more
efficiently than Pentium D.

The Core 2 Duo is Intel's second generation (hence, Core 2) processor made for desktops and laptops designed from the ground up to be fast while not consuming nearly as much power as previous CPUs.

Note - Intel has dropped the Pentium name in favor of the Core architecture as Intel is restructuring and refocusing it's efforts to become number one again (and are doing a fine job).

The AMD Athlon X2 CPUs have two revisions, the first one is essentially very similiar to the Pentium Ds in that they are simply two Athlon 64 chips fused together, making power requirements quite steep (around 89 watts). The second revision is made more efficiently,
like the Core Duos, with much less power consumption (around 65 watts).

The only difference between a Core 2 Duo and a Core 2 Extreme is that the Core 2 Duo's have a locked multiplier and the Core 2 Extreme's have a range of multipliers, which seems to be the first time Intel is encouraging overclocking since the original Pentium Classic days.

According to user reports, a Core 2 Duo E6600 (2.66GHz, 1066MHz FSB) is much faster than a Pentium D running at about 3.4GHz due to it's ability to process more Instructions Per Second (IPC) and it's shorter pipeline (doesn't take as many stages to decode the same instruction) and it's more efficient L2 cache. Not to mention it consumes LOTS less power than a Pentium D at a higher clock speed.

Comparitively, the E6300 should be about as fast as a Pentium D 3GHz (roughly).
Basically, if you're looking to build a new system and have decent
budget, go for the Core 2 Duo (Conroe). You'll be happy that you did.

People on these threads have overclocked the Core 2 E6700 (@2.66GHZ) to 3.75GHz on air cooling!

Ok again I thought of giving some more Idea on the CPUs.

P4s and P-Ds are one family of chips - P-Ds are basically just two P4s stuck on one chip package.

Core and Core 2 variants are not based or derived from the P4 family;rather, they were developped by taking a P3 core and adding lots of features on to it.
Of course, they don't resemble P3s much anymore, but that's where they came from.

So - to try and clarify again:

Pentium 4 family
  • Desktop - P4
  • Mobile - P4m
  • Server - Xeon

Core family

  • Desktop - n.a. (though you can use mobile CPUs in desktop boards with a socket adapter)
  • Mobile - Core Solo/Duo
  • Server - n.a.

Core 2 family

  • Desktop - Conroe (Core 2 Duo 6xxx)
  • Mobile - Merom (unreleased, maybe Centrino 2 Solo/Duo? so far, no single core variant spotted)
  • Server - Woodcrest (Xeon 51xx)


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